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Immigration Case Examples - Law Office of Haimanot Habtu

Immigration Case Examples

 To list but a few, 

  • Obtained a difficult-to-earn waiver for a previously deported client to reenter the United States. Thereafter, successfully represented same client in marriage-based green card petition.  
  • Overturned a deportation order on grounds of improper service and had case reopened in immigration court.
  • Represented numerous asylum seekers who sought refuge on religious, political, ethnic and other grounds.   
  • Prevailed on asylum case for Kenyan client on account of harmful traditional and religious practices she was likely to face if returned to her home country  
  • Challenged and reversed U.S. consulate's denial of immigrant visa filed by a U.S. citizen for his wife, allowing wife to immigrate to the United States.
  • Obtained green-card in court for El Salvadorian client who faced deportation 
  • Adjusted client to permanent resident status after marriage to U.S. citizen while in removal (deportation) proceedings.  
  • Obtained "T" visas for several "trafficked" clients who were abused by their employers.  
  • After obtaining visas, processed green-card petitions for "trafficked" clients.
  • Qualified a family of six for asylum who petitioned after one-year deadline and faced a possible denial on untimeliness grounds.
  • Feled a self-petition for an abused wife of U.S. marine under certain provisions of Women's  Against Violence Act.  
  • Bonded out several detainees who sought asylum at the San Diego border.
  • Successfully argued that client was unable to produce original documents from client's war-torn country and thereafter obtained visa approval 
  • Helped a Bahai Iranian with a criminal record avoid long-term detention and eventual deportation based on protected religious grounds.
  • Resolved tax issues and child support payment issues for a client seeking citizenship through naturalization.  Addressed and resolved criminal issues for client seeking U.S. citizenship.